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Colin Newbold

TLC Online is an associate company to The Learning Curve (TLC) Ltd, who are multiple award-winning experts in leadership development grounded in robust psychology. We were born out of the need to supply 360 degree feedback to TLC clients and later we established TLC Online as a separate entity so that we could reach out to medium and large end-user organisations* as well as consultancy, facilitation, training and coaching companies specialising in leadership and management development.


Both companies were founded by Colin Newbold, who is the chief architect behind the click-360 online 360 feedback platform and report. The technical interpretation of Colin’s vision (it wasn’t just Colin, it was the TLC team of consultants, facilitators and coaches who designed click-360) was provided by Jim Massey, CTO.


An organisational and personal development specialist, Colin has extensive experience in sales and marketing as well as coaching and leadership responsibilities. His passion for excellence in coaching and corporate development led him to form TLC-The Learning Curve in 1991 and TLC Online in 2000. Colin’s primary focus is on product design and business development for TLC Online. Here he is with boxing legend Frank Bruno, ensuring a knock-out service for clients and partners alike.


*By ‘end-user’ we mean organisations that use 360 degree feedback with their own leaders and managers, as distinct from consultancies that resell our products.

Click 360 Leaders & Values - Colin Newbold
Colin together with boxing superstar Frank Bruno

James Massey

After joining the team in 2002 as a digital developer, Jim is now our Chief Technical Officer. His role includes managing the design and development team, development implementation including UI and database design as well as client liaison. Jim has worked in the digital arena since the 1990’s and has a passion for problem solving. While he loves exploring the latest trends in new technologies, he is grounded in reality. Unless the technical innovation actually serves customers better, he’s not interested.

Click 360 Leaders & Values - James Massey

Jane Eames

Jane is an outstanding corporate and executive coach with broad experience as a facilitator in change programmes and building Trust in organisations. Her specialism is facilitating leadership development, culture change and change management programmes. Jane continues to deliver first-class 360-degree feedback coaching sessions to our clients, utilising our innovative digital report to help participants identify their key strengths.


Like Belinda, Jane has an impressive collection of qualifications including a Diploma in Corporate & Executive Coaching (with Distinction) from The Coaching Academy, as well as a Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring – ILM. She also has a Diploma in NLP from NLP Excellence. With a background in television and media, Jane is well-equipped to deliver excellent support to our click-360 clients.


Kevin Saunders

Kevin draws from years of experience working as an operationally responsible manager in the food, leisure and catering industries. He then trained as a coach, facilitator and Transactional Analysis (TA) expert. Kevin has spent a great deal of time delivering 360 degree feedback facilitation as well as co-creating development plans – in fact he has over 1500 hours 1:1 Executive Coaching experience, therefore he is ideally placed to help you and your colleagues makes sense of their click-360 feedback reports and develop action plans to work on their development priorities.


Kevin’s specialist areas include: change management, conflict resolution, enabling clients at all levels to raise awareness and understanding of the issues, situations or relationships they find challenging and consider solutions to find resolution. He is a qualified Psychotherapist (Transactional Analysis –TA) as well as an MBTI Practitioner (Step 1).


Denise T. Rouse

Denise is our first fully accredited US coach, working out of Washington DC.  She has worked over 15 years as coach, consultant, change agent, facilitator and trainer and instructional designer. Her expertise in coaching has supported the growth and development of leaders at all levels of organization. Her work has been instrumental in developing higher performing executives. Her clients have increased effectiveness and communication, higher performing teams, improved collaboration and enhanced overall productivity. Her corporate affiliations and partnerships have taken her around the globe as she supported private and public-sector organizations in the information technology, finance and international development industries.


Denise has extensive experience coaching leaders across all levels of organization systems. In 2012, she incorporated 360 degree-assessments with her coaching engagements as a tool heighten emotional intelligence for leaders as they develop into their best selves. She provides individual and group coaching and will facilitate coaching conversations that may be considered difficult, for the benefit and growth of the client, the group and the organization. These sessions, whether group or individual, are reinforced by developing skills in emotional intelligence, active listening, communication skills and others. Denise’s clients find this integrated approach supports them in achieving their goals both personally and professionally.


In addition to the 360 degree-assessment, Denise is skilled in using a variety of assessment tools for clients, including MBTI, FIRO-B and StrengthsFinder. She also conducts interviews to gather information which supports the client is how others are experience interacting with them. She is an ICF certified coach and is certified in PROSCI’s change management methodology.

Denise Rouse pic (002)

TLC Online Values

TLC Online are on a mission to improve the quality of leadership and management capability all over the world.  We shall not rest until we have achieved our vision, which is to give all employees - wherever they work and at whatever level - the bosses they deserve.


At TLC Online we are very values-driven. Yeah, we know…all companies say that! So our values were built from customer service feedback over a period from 2012-2015. This is how our clients and customers experience us:


TLC Online:

  • Are constantly improving their platform in line with customer feedback
  • Are passionate about growing their customers’ leadership and management capability
  • Do what they say they’ll do when they say they’ll do it
  • Care about the cultural as well as commercial returns on their customers’ investments
  • Are not afraid to challenge, while staying in relationship
  • Make our jobs easier...with ever-increasing workloads and time pressures, we love that!

You can check out our client case studies and testimonials on the clients page for more reassurance.

TLC Storyboard
TLC Storyboard, built with staff. Outlines our vision. mission and Values.

Our clients


“With a client-centred approach from the start, TLC Online impressed me immensely. I am happy to give them
my professional backing. TLC’s product was assessed to be the ‘right fit’ for the Safe Information Group, and
more than that, the company was professional, easy to discuss issues with and extremely responsive to
suggestions for minor improvements/alterations. If you are serious about managerial development, seriously
consider the use of TLC’s  product.”

– Gareth Way - HR & Training Director, Safe Information Group Europe


“Linklaters is a global law firm, advising the world's leading companies, financial institutions and governments.So when a survey clearly identified the need for a more collaborative culture, they acted fast and they acted globally. click-360 is a robust application that can be used anywhere in the world. This was demonstrated during its use by the global Information Systems and Support department over a period of two years. Being highly accomplished IT experts, the 300 staff who participated in the 360-degree feedback tested the application to its limits. The product exceeded their expectations. The survey implementation included raters based in North and South America, as well as in mainland Europe and Asia. It passed all their tests with flying colours.”

– Linklaters ISS


“Swiss Re is one of the world's largest and leading reinsurers. Its Life and Health business has achieved nearly 400% growth over the last nine years and it needed a management development programme which would reflect its leadership. In this implementation, click-360 was deployed across a management population of 60, plus senior directors and the CEO. Results were shared in a series of two-day workshops where small feedback groups were facilitated by feedback coaches. One-to-one time was made available to all participants during the two days.”

– Swiss ReSwiss Re logo


“Some business contributions are not easily measured in £'s. But I have no doubt that the click-360 process has been of fundamental value to our business. TLC have been a tremendous partner in assisting with our focused and targeted approach to executing a 360 Leadership process across our global organisation... TLC have always been there to support the entire process with a relentless focus on achieving the project objectives and deliverables. They are able to offer a high value bespoke service at a very reasonable cost. The tool is excellent value for money.”

– Denis Kerrigan, former Director, Global Learning and Development, Harman International


“TLC Online has developed the systems to be incredibly easy to use, which means response rates are maximised. We have received lots of feedback that says the design of the sites and the style of questions are just right. This ensures employees are able to provide accurate feedback as simply as possible, and gives us valuable insights for development planning.”

– Joan Hodgins, former Global Head of Leadership Development Diageo


“TLC’s Online click-360 system gives us detailed and accurate insight into the progress made at senior level. Ultimately, a more effective leadership team will make better decisions on behalf of its constituents, and the people of Reading will be happy to learn that through this initiative we are doing all we can to look after their collective interests.”

– Reg Friddle, former Head of Learning & Development, Reading Borough Council


“We used Click-360 for the first time this year after a change from our usual provider. We were so impressed with how easy they were to do business with and how the end online digital reports looked. The team were able to deliver to tight deadlines and updated us throughout the whole process. The portal itself was also very simple to use and I was able to pull out reports with just a simple click. They also provided great value for money and we will be most definitely using them again next year.”

– Jaz Sandhu, Learning and Development Advisor, RHP

RHP logo


“We were impressed with the functionality of the click-360 platform, especially the simultaneous rating option. But it was their experience and passion that made them stand out”

– Linda Graves, Head of L&D, RBG Kew


“The click-360 experience has been great and has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about myself and how I come across to others. The help and assistance provided by the click-360 team is exceptional and they take good care to make sure you get the most out of the experience.”

– Michael Owen, Town Planner, Barton Willmore


“The reports provide a fabulous amount of data, yet it is easy to pick out the important aspects that would assist the participant in developing a plan for performance improvement. The workbook feature is a powerful tool that helps the participant develop their own personal development plan.”

– Pete Draper, Team Development Director, Evolution People


“We used Click-360 and very impressed with how easy and simple it is to use. The reports are very comprehensive and easy to read.The team were always available on the end of the phone and were responsive to our needs. TLC are value for money and would highly recommend then.”

– Mandy Gakhal, HR Business Partner , NWHC


“click-360 have provided my company with an excellent and easy to use system. They have also afforded us excellent customer service and support.”

– Alison Muhl , Practice Manager, Talent & Potential 


“TLC have looked after us so well, we have always had our needs met. We genuinely feel we’re more than customers, and TLC cares about getting the best out of the project.”

– Geof Sheppard, Organisational Development Team, Natural England 


“It wasn’t long before we noticed changes in behaviour, in particular an increased level of collaboration, and a greater confidence and willingness to resolve differences of opinion using the positive behaviours of Transactional Analysis. This has certainly had an impact on organisational performance.”

– Angela Nolan, HR Business Partner, CIMA 


“TLC have far exceeded our expectations. We wanted a behavioural shift. In fact, it’s not just changed the participants, its impacted the senior level too so much so that they want to replicate it.”

– Mary McCrea, Director of Talent, Just Retirement 


“TLC’s unique mix of organisational development expertise and psychological understanding has brought us better teamwork, greater efficiency and increased production. Employees are also willing and better able to take on more responsibility.”

– Judith Foss, Human Resources Director, Catalyst Housing


“I’ve enjoyed getting to know people in my team and understanding what’s important to them and how they feel about my behaviour so I can build on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.”

– Blue Chip, Employee undertaking a 360


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