360 Myths Exposed


Hello everyone, Colin Newbold here with the latest in our series of video blogs or vlogs!


The subject of this vlog is really a challenge to all you HR and L&D practitioners out there, including independent trainers and coaches, who may be missing out on so much of the potential offered by a 360 degree feedback intervention. And before you bring the shutters down, thinking you already know everything there is to know about 360, I ask you to stay open and see what you might learn. Treat today as a school day!


Sorry if that sounds arrogant or autocratic, it’s not meant to. Myself and my team just want to share some golden nuggets based on everything we’ve learned. Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from ours!


You see for over 20 years we’ve been running 360 degree feedback implementations here and abroad, either as stand-alone events or as part of some wider initiative, such as a leadership or management development programme.


In addition to that, we have sold our click-360 product to a huge number of organisations globally, including many training providers who didn’t have their own system. In many cases we’ve helped those organisations to implement 360. So we have the benefit of all that experience too.


Moreover, we have recently conducted our own original research into how UK organisations have been using 360 and of course in preparation for that, our team of researchers have looked at the results of data already published from across the world. By the way, you can download the results of that research by clicking Free Stuff.


So, all in all, we have a very good understanding of what’s working well in respect of 360 implementations, and what could be improved. While we have come across pockets of best practice in all that time, we have also witnessed many examples where frankly those in charge would have benefitted from more expert advice before they got stuck in.


We have exposed a number of myths in our journey to this point…for example academics will argue that 360 questionnaires should be made reliable and valid, in just the same way that a psychometric test should be. Really? Some of those same academics also promote 360 as an assessment tool that informs an organisation’s compensation and career progression processes. Really?


There is another myth around confidentiality. Many believe that by having 3 or 4 feedback providers in a category ensures anonymity. That might be true if only scores were reported, but in the best 360 examples there is a facility for written comments and as one of the 360 experts whose work I really respect – her name is Elva Ainsworth - the dichotomy there is that the more specific someone’s feedback, the less anonymous they become.


In fact there are many other myths that we explode in our latest offering: the 360 Accelerator™.


Now you might accuse me of making a blatant advertisement in this vlog, and you’d be right. Unlike all the other vlogs up ‘til now, which are all purely informative, educational and dare I hope – inspirational – this one publicises our brand new product, the 360 Accelerator.


What is the ‘Accelerator’? It’s a system or a blueprint for a model 360 implementation.


In the end there was so much material that we amassed that we have been able to create a bank of content which is arranged under five headings…these equate to the five critical phases of a model 360 implementation. Each step builds on the one before and takes you through the whole process from getting stakeholder buy-in, right the way through to measuring the outcomes.


There are two ways to engage with our Accelerator: the first is through a ‘done for you’ or more accurately a ‘done with you’ service where in return for a monthly retainer you get an agreed number of hours of virtual support. You can use that time to get our consultants’ expertise on a strategy for your implementation and/or have us co-create a robust questionnaire with you and/or use us to co-facilitate awareness briefings and/or run feedback coaching sessions…there are so many different ways in which we can help you. You can even use the whole amount each month just to get coaching for yourself and your team if you want.


The other way of accessing the Accelerator content is through our video training programme. Each of the steps that sit in the five critical phases is supported by a 15-20 minute video and attached to each of these are downloadable materials such as templates, Word documents and slides. Novices to 360 might benefit from following the programme from beginning to end, whereas experts might choose to dip in and out depending on their specific needs at the time.


If you’re watching or reading this worried that your organisation may not yet be culturally ready for 360 degree feedback, we ask you to stay open and check out the Accelerator. If you are currently planning to launch a 360 implementation inside your organisation, the Accelerator system will benefit you immensely. If you are more experienced with 360 we just hope you’re not too arrogant to believe that you already have all the answers.


In any case, we invite you to book a free no-obligation 45-minute strategy session with myself where you can share your concerns, ask for advice and generally see what you can learn that would enhance your understanding about 360. Simply click on the banner at the top of the home page where you will be presented with a video that explains more about what’s on offer. You can watch this through to the end, or at any time during the video you can click through to the next step. Before you book your session, we ask you to complete a short application form that will help us both maximise your benefit from the session. The last step in the booking process is to choose your day and time slot.


I look forward to engaging with you soon but if you have any questions before you proceed then please email me right away at info@click-360.com or pick up the phone and call me on 0845 313 3357.


As always, I encourage you to use the comments function below to participate in the discussion.


Thanks for watching!