Welcome to click-360, a revolution in 360-degree feedback

There’s been zero innovation in this market for over 10 years.  360 feedback suppliers still look like they did 10 years ago: very analogue, boring questionnaire interfaces, paper-based reports, etc.  And still 60-70% of customers do not switch.  There has to be some new innovation to change this…


Enter click-360SelfDrive!


We recently launched this completely self-service platform with all of the click-360 functionality but at a fraction of the cost.  Watch the video to find out more and click here to visit the site: www.click-360selfdrive.com

Payment is made on the basis of ‘credits’ and potential users can trial the software for free to experience its benefits with no commitment. The questionnaire platform is easy to use and intuitive, while the digital reports act like virtual coaches, leading users on a systematic journey of discovery. Less time is spent on interpreting results and more on taking positive action. Both the questionnaire interface and the reports are optimized for mobile, which is how many people are preferring to work these days.


So what’s so special about click-360?

  1. Our questionnaire interface (QI) with simultaneous rating
  2. Our digital report with integrated workbook, action planner and even learning suggestions

Find out more by clicking on the videos below...

What’s my investment?

We have different products and services to suit you. Take a look at the comparison table below:

[supsystic-price-table id=8]

* Customisation (to spec) means that we conduct a detailed scoping discussion with you and determine exactly what you need from the tool.  Past customisations included redesigns of the QI and reports, embedded video and audio, integrations with LMS, etc.  A total bespoking service.


** Organisational Insights give you access to organisation-wide management information where the data collected over time can be sliced up to reveal insights for succession planning, project resourcing and talent management generally.


What is 360-degree feedback?

Just in case you don’t fully understand how 360 feedback is used, and how it can benefit you, here’s a brief synopsis:


360 degree feedback is a fantastic way to get affirmations around your key strengths.  It’s great to know that those people that work around you appreciate what you do and how you do it.  Be prepared also to discover some aspects of your behaviour that your colleagues want to see you doing differently.  The questionnaires vary depending on your specific requirements, you can even upload your own.  Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll get the chance to select those colleagues (raters) from whom you wish feedback. Choose wisely, as you can use 360 feedback to improve those relationships that are currently not working as well as you’d like. Include any key stakeholders that are external to your organisation, for example: 360 is a great way to bring you closer to your customers
  2. You’ll then complete an online self-assessment and your rater colleagues will do the same, only they’ll be answering questions on you.
  3. You’ll then receive a very comprehensive and detailed report, showing your self-perceptions compared to those of your raters. This will reveal strengths as well as any areas for development.
  4. Your coach will help you make sense of the data and work with you to build a robust personal development plan.

You can have as many ‘raters’ as you like across four recommended categories: Manager, Peer, Direct Report and ‘Other’. A minimum of two is required in each category (except manager, where there is typically only one). What number of raters is ideal? The optimal number is 4, although there is no upper limit.


In the report that you receive at the end there will be some perceptions that match your own self-perception. Many of these will endorse and validate your strengths. As well, there will probably be a few areas where your colleagues’ perceptions show up development opportunities – they are asking for something different from you. Some of these areas will be worthy of your urgent attention. As a result, 360 feedback is a powerful tool to raise your self-awareness, as well as your awareness of the impact that you have on others. It could be the key to unlocking your full potential!

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