click-360 is the flagship brand of TLC Online. We have successfully implemented 360-degree feedback within several housing associations and feel we know your sector’s challenges and opportunities really well.

Here’s an example of one such implementation:


Catalyst Housing Limited and TLC build business through structural reform

From creating special needs and residential accommodation for vulnerable individuals to regenerating thriving communities, Catalyst Housing Limited (CHL) works with local authorities to provide 21,000 affordable homes in the South East.

Due to rising property prices and pressures on the economy, the need for affordable housing in the UK has never been greater. CHL embarked upon an ambitious growth plan that aimed to increase its housing stock by a further 4,000 homes in just three years.

CHL engaged organisational talent development company The Learning Curve (TLC) to help it achieve those aims. It identified the need to move away from operating as a hierarchically structured organisation where leadership rested only with the top team. It recognised that, to deliver a tough business agenda, the capacity and capability for leadership had to be extended to middle managers. This would improve teamwork and collaboration and lead to greater efficiency and responsibility within the organisation.

TLC designed a specific leadership programme with a number of critical and integrated components. The click-360 feedback tool provided the direction necessary to set personal objectives. Leadership workshops then addressed the collective needs emerging from the 360 process. Following this, TLC facilitated conferences for the 60 leaders involved to initiate and drive change at the organisational level – drawing on learning from the other elements of the programme.

CHL is now performing far more successfully as a company. Judith Foss, Human Resources Director at CHL, says “TLC’s unique mix of organisational development expertise and psychological understanding has brought us better teamwork, greater efficiency and increased production. Employees are also willing and better able to take on more responsibility.”

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Following this initial success CHL plans to extend the same programme to 30% more managers in the coming months. This will bolster efficiency even further at the company so that its affordable housing schemes can be brought to even more communities across the UK in the future.

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