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click-360 is the flagship brand of TLC Online. We have successfully implemented 360-degree feedback within several housing associations and feel we know your sector’s challenges and opportunities really well.

This is what important people are saying:

“We’ve got gobby baby boomers coming in now, demanding far more than the people we currently house, and that’s not going to go away.” (Clare Tickell, Chief Exec, Hanover Housing)

“Given we can’t get people to log on and report a repair at the moment, there does seem to be a big gap (in embracing the improvements technology can bring)….We don’t have the sophisticated partnerships between each other that we should. I feel proud to be part of this sector, and yet somehow we seem to squabble over different models, what’s right and what isn’t.” (Sinéad Butters, Chief Exec, Aspire Group)

“We’ve got three studies going on, with real robots providing care services – one’s really good, the others are rubbish. But how much are you prepared to try things? It’s our job to stay ahead of the curve.” (David Cowans, Group Chief Exec, Places for People)

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“We do see ourselves as a bit special, but there are some things that other sectors do brilliantly…they bring a new way of thinking, and sometimes they bring a social heart as well. I’d like to see us much more open to that kind of fresh thinking in the future.” (Bronwen Rapley, Chief Exec, Onward Homes)

“We are heavily dependent on cross-subsidy…in the future I hope we will see a decreasing dependence on the current model – something more counter-cyclical that supports the economies in which we work outside the vagaries of the housing market.” (Helen Evans, Chief Exec, Network Homes)

“We have to be aware of consumer trends and requirements, and we have to try and help people achieve their aspirations at price points they can manage. That’s easier said than done, but it’s easier than waiting for the government to tell us what to do.” (David Cowans)

“People all live in different ways; the way whole communities have been arranged could be changing. Tailored accommodation, short-term accommodation… understanding people better, what they want to do and how they want to live, could provide us with a lot of opportunities in the next two decades.” (Helen Evans)

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