Low Cost, Easy To Use 360 Feedback For Local Authorities

Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges any Local Authority can face, and a key factor in productivity and preventing employees from being poached. The quality of leaders and managers is crucial in building engagement and 360 degree feedback can help you develop that capability.


click-360SelfDrive is a new platform that has been specifically created to offer a low-cost, easy entry into 360 degree feedback. Watch the video to see more.

Payment is made on the basis of ‘credits’ and potential users can trial the software for free to experience its benefits with no commitment. The questionnaire platform is easy to use and intuitive, while the digital reports act like virtual coaches, leading users on a systematic journey of discovery. Less time is spent on interpreting results and more on taking positive action. Both the questionnaire interface and the reports are optimized for mobile, which is how many people are preferring to work these days.


Key features include:

  • Choice of questionnaires and rating scales
  • Multiple rater categories
  • Real time reporting
  • Branding
  • Summary graphs for each competency/behaviour
  • Self-scoring and rater scoring comparisons

Director Colin Newbold says “How you see yourself as a leader or a manager is one thing, but it is how your colleagues and staff see you that will determine your results at work. We’re delighted to be introducing a low cost 360 feedback platform that all organisations can benefit from.”


You can try click-360SelfDrive for free today at https://click-360SelfDrive.com/, or for more details contact info@click-360.com or call .


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