Win The War For Talent By Helping People Drive A Successful Internal Career

If organisations can’t retain their talent they face soaring recruitment costs to find the right people and heavy investment to train them up. That doesn’t take in to account the cost to you of losing people’s experience and the relationships they have built. For many, an ever-increasing dispersed workforce adds to the issue as how do you support and retain employees you don’t see every day?

Forbes stated retention as the biggest talent challenge going into 2018.


The brand new and unique CareerBurst online portal helps you retain your talent and drive a culture where your people are empowered to drive great careers to your and their benefit.


CareerBurst helps you retain your talented people with engaging research-based, full-spectrum full-spectrum internal career guidance.  People want to work in an organisation where they feel supported and can deliver to the best of their abilities, with exciting future opportunities. With CareerBurst you can:

  • Win the war for talent by retaining people within the business
  • Create an agile, self-driven career culture that supports a fast-moving organisation
  • Reduce recruitment spend and raise engagement by promoting current employees


“It’s not just the content that impresses, it’s the way users are guided through the tool”

Colin Newbold, TLC Online

You can learn more about the features and benefits of CareerBurst by visiting


The great news is that if you currently pay the Apprenticeship Levy, you may be able to use this to support access to CareerBurst.


Did you know that 86% of people are misinformed about how to drive a successful career, due to the outdated career advice that’s circulating?  Check if you have the correct information by taking this quiz. The correct answers are based on research conducted with over 2000 individuals by Talent & Potential, experts in career retention.


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