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Checking-Out Your click-360 Feedback

Checking-Out Your click-360 Feedback   Hi there,   I’m Colin Newbold, the founder of TLC Online and the chief architect behind the click-360 brand.   It’s been a while since I recorded a Vlog, business has been all-consuming these past few months, plus we’ve been involved in bedding in the new click-360selfdrive platform.   In…

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How To Conduct An Awareness Briefing

  Speaker: CEO of TLC Online, Colin Newbold.   So, what’s the most frustrating aspect of a 360-degree feedback implementation?   It’s chasing participants and feedback providers to complete their questionnaires on time – isn’t it? Isn’t that the bit that drives you mad?   Could this be part of the reason why feedback is…

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How To Sell 360 Inside Your Organisation

  So you’re an experienced HR or L&D Manager and you’re pretty sure that 360-degree feedback is the way to go.  Maybe you’ve used it already and you can see the potential.  But you’ve got limited resources – you’re stretched almost to twang – and yet you believe that this is one investment the organisation…

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